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Material Handling

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Highway and Road Construction

Articulated Dump Truck uses

Construction: Construction sites of all types, from residential developments to industrial installations to highway and pipeline tunnel projects, use articulated dump trucks to carry materials and remove excavated debris, such as dirt, rocks, stumps and downed trees.

Mining: The mining industry uses articulated dump trucks to carry away excavated dirt and transport mined minerals. Especially in the cramped conditions of mine sites, articulated dump trucks offer the benefits of maneuverability and safety.

Quarries: Quarries use articulated dump trucks to carry away excavated rock. Because a quarry site is likely to be rocky and uneven, the articulated steering, with its superior maneuverability and stability, offers a major advantage.

Material Handling: Material handling requires the transport of heavy, bulk-quantity materials safely and efficiently. The use of an articulated dump truck helps handle and transport these products to keep supply chains moving and businesses running.


 Twist-free structure:  Using a rigid truck to carry a heavy load over rough terrain can cause the frame to twist. When twisting occurs with a rigid truck, it becomes completely unusable. Articulated trucks have the flexibility to move over rugged spots without suffering damage, letting your operation keep moving.

· High maneuverability:  With tricky grades, rugged terrain and crowded job sites, maneuverability is a must. Articulated trucks can bend with the grades and bumps. Their large tires and lower center of gravity handle uneven terrain with ease. 

· Versatility in adverse conditions:  Articulated trucks also have the ability to handle all types of site conditions. They can safely maneuver on rocky and muddy ground, making them excellent for mining sites. These trucks are typically lighter than their rigid counterparts, so they won’t sink into the mud and slow down after rainy weather.

· Ease of use:  High maneuverability on all types of terrain means articulated trucks are easier to use than rigid trucks. The hydraulic cylinders also make it easy for operators to make tight turns on crowded job sites. Meet your hauling needs and keep everyone safe throughout the day. Plus, these trucks have cabs designed for comfort to ensure workers can stay focused during long hours.

· Added productivity:  Since your operators can drive articulated trucks with ease, you can keep up with your production goals every day. Saved time means articulated trucks are an excellent investment.

Capacity for every need:

  • 20 Ton
  • 25 Ton
  • 30 Ton
  • 40 Ton
  • 50 Ton
  • 60 Ton
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Articulating Off Road Truck with Pull behind Scraper Blade

Scrapers are used to move or remove dirt, gravel or other material from the ground surface . Though they are specially designed for this purpose, they can also perform tasks such as: Excavation. Levelling.