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Like most rental companies, we have a huge selection of off-lease or used telehandlers and equipment for sale, on consignment and, of course, ready for lease. Many manufacturers and style to fit your need including:

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If you do not see it on our site, that’s ok. We are a “One Stop Shop.” When we deliver the big stuff, we can ensure you get all the little stuff too…. accessories, jibs, cages…..we are here for you!

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Frequently asked PRO questions

Our job site experts have decades of experience in most industries. If we do not already know the solution, our network of professionals are equipped to find the answer. 

How to get AC on roof without crane

Great news, a rotating telehandler is much cheaper than a crane, easier to position, and often times easier to acquire for these types of jobs. Many. times, we can cross off smaller needs with local resources to create a win-win for all. Give us a call to see if we have equipment close to help you with these types of requirements.